How to Submit Records for “Request for Reconsideration”


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Reader’s report that Social Security is now allowing them to upload attachments when they submit their Request for Reconsideration online. Below are several other ways to submit records.

Warning: We are yet to figure out the perfect way to submit records for reconsideration disability applications. One method will work perfectly for one person, and then the next person will do the exact same thing and have endless problems.

Before You Submit

You may wish to get a copy of your case file on CD. This will show you what records they did and did not have when they made the initial decision. It will also let you view each record to see if any pages got left out or went missing. Learn more about How to Check Your File for Reconsiderations.

Option One: Submit Yourself on Paper

💠 If you have important records that Social Security has not yet seen, you can enclose in the same envelop with your Request for Reconsideration forms, and then submit this by mail or hand deliver to your local office.

💠 Please make sure to follow up with your Disability Examiner to make sure they actually get them. Sometimes records never make it from the local office to the Disability Examiner. How to Stay In Touch with Your Disability Examiner.

Option Two: Submit Yourself Online

💠 If you are submitting Request for Reconsideration online, some readers report that they were able to attach documents online during this step. If you try this, please comment below to let us know how it goes.

💠 Please make sure to follow up with your Disability Examiner to make sure they actually get them. How to Stay In Touch with Your Disability Examiner.

💠 Update: We’ve gotten reports from readers that your Disability Examiner may never see the documents you submit online.

Option Three: Let Social Security Collect Your Records

💠 During Request for Reconsideration, Social Security may or may not request any new records.

💠 If there are specific records you want them to see, or anything important you think was missing during the first decision, you can make a note of this on your Request for Reconsideration forms. List any specific records you think were missing and request that these be collected.

Option Four: Submit Records to Your Disability Examiner 

💠 After you submit your request for reconsideration, your case will leave the local office and be assigned to a new Disability Examiner. It’s a great idea to find out who your new examiner is and stay in touch with them: How to Stay In Touch with Your Disability Examiner.

💠 If you are sent more forms after requesting reconsideration, you can keep the fax number on the form and use this to fax more things to your examiner if needed. Always double check. Even if you get a fax confirmation, the fax might not actually get into your file.

💠 Some Disability Examiners will allow you to fax records directly to them. Others will insist on getting them directly from your doctors, but you can still assist with this.

Option Five: Submit Records Through Your Lawyer

💠 Many of our readers report that their lawyers did not begin collecting any records until after they have been denied twice. (Tip: If you think your lawyer is collecting your records, ask for copies. If they can’t give them to you, they may not have them.)

💠 If you see that anything important was missing from your file for the first decision, you can ask for your lawyers help in collecting these records.

💠 Alternately, you can collect the records yourself, give them to your lawyer, and your lawyer will submit them.

💠 Your lawyer does not have electronic access to your files at this point. They do not know any more about what is in your file than you do. It’s a great idea to contact your Disability Examiner directly and double check that anything important was received.

Option Six: Submitting Documents With Other Documents

💠 After you submit your Request for Reconsideration, Social Security will sometimes send you more forms to fill out. You can enclose documents and records you wish to send them in the same envelope.

💠 While this is often successful at making sure the records do not get lost or misfiled, sometimes these records are still not considered because they did not come directly from the doctor. It’s great if you can contact your Disability Examiner to check what they received and what they still need.

Tips on Timing

💠 Submit any time. A decision could be made any day now! If you have something, send it in.

💠 Sooner is better. If you have an important report, doctor’s letter, or RFC form, please get it to your Disability Examiner as soon as possible. Some of our readers reported that when they sent things in at the last minute, the new materials would just get labeled “inconsistent with other records” and then ignored.

💠 You do not need to resubmit things your disability examiner already has. If you have your case file on CD, you can see what they already have.

Tips for Submitting

💠  Here’s how you can collect your medical records.

💠  If you are collecting your own records, please make sure you get the full records with treatment notes, not just the visit summaries or online records.

💠  Keep copies.

💠  Put your name and social security number on every document, ideally every page.

💠 Some people find it helpful to number pages as well.

💠 The above information is about Reconsideration appeals. If you are at a different stage with your application, look here: How Do I Submit Records So They Don’t Get Lost?

The secrets of the lost barcodes

At some point in time, Social Security may have sent you a barcode that links to your application. If you are a hyper-organized person, you can find this barcode and add it onto any new materials you submit. This will increase the chances that your records don’t wind up in Joe Shmoe’s file (it happens!) If you’ve lost the barcode, don’t worry about it. Everybody loses it. Just put your name and social security number on the top of every page. Bonus points if you also put your application number.

What Do You Think?

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5 thoughts on “How to Submit Records for “Request for Reconsideration””

  1. Hello, I’m looking for information on overpayment reconsideration form. I received an over payment notice and need to fill out SSA-561 form. It looks like I needs to submit just the first 2 pages out of 4. The rest look for ssi recipients im on ssdi. I am on my father’s earnings record adult child ssdi since may 2019. My father and I started collecting may 2019. Found out over payment of about $2000 on October 2029. The earnings were $21000 about $4000 over the limit, however those extra earnings were from January 2019-december 2019 not from may-december 2019 which should not have counted towards the earnings limit because we started collecting may 2019. Any help with this would be appreciated.


  2. Hi I have a ? I am going though my long form for continuation of disability. While my adudicator and I have been in touch and some medical records have been collected, some we are waiting for and some I have collected per her requests and had the doctor send it to her. From spending a great deal of time reasearching and of course on your blogs, from what I understand if the docs aka medical sources are sending in a letter with supporting documents stating that I am still unable to work and am under their care with possible RFC Function forms from each credible medical sources (best case sceanerio) for all my upcoming appointments, then how do I make sure that I am giving myself enough time to make all my upcoming appointments and also ask the SS adudicator to give me more time so I can submit more docs and give myself a chance to review the ones that have been submitted already or needs to be further decided on…

    Thank you


    1. If your medical records are strong and consistent, most people do not collect extra forms and letters during continuing disability reviews unless there is a problem.

      It certainly doesn’t hurt to do so but it’s not required 🙂

      You can check in with the examiner about her timeline and ask when she needs things by.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Tasia, how did the online app work out for you? Did they receive the additional papers that you faxed in / or attached to your online app? I’m curious because of the statement written above:
      💠 If you are submitting Request for Reconsideration online, some readers report that they were able to attach documents online during this step. If you try this, please comment below to let us know how it goes.
      I’m working on my online app right now, so I hope to hear back from you with good news! And I hope all goes well for you with your application!


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