How Come My Lab Tests All Say Nothing is Wrong?

Robin Mead

Many people with CFS and ME wind up testing “normal” on lab tests (or do not have money or insurance to take more sophisticated tests).

Don’t worry if this happens. It doesn’t mean you are not sick. It just means science has not yet figured out how to fully test this condition.

Many people are diagnosed based on symptoms and medical observations and ruling out other conditions, rather than tests.

The International Consensus Criteria includes guidelines on symptoms and impairments from ME. Some people find this helpful for better understanding their health. Here’s How Colleen Used the ICC to Finally Get a Diagnosis that Fit

If you would like to try to seek out a doctor with special knowledge in this area here are the MEAction list of doctors and Colleen Steckel’s list of doctors.

If you are looking for more kinds of tests you can take, check out How to Get Tested for Myalgic Encephalomyelitis and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Applying for Disability

If you are applying for disability and most of your tests come back “normal,” it is still possible to get approved. Here’s How Peony Won Her Disability Case Despite “Normal” Test Results and here’s How Jasmine Got Approved Despite “Normal” Test Results.

Social Security has a ruling that includes guidelines for diagnosing Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. This involves your doctor eliminating other conditions and documenting your symptoms. How to Establish a Diagnosis of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

The Social Security Ruling also includes a list of tests that can be helpful in documenting Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for disability.

Here is a survey of doctors people found helpful when applying for disability.

Many people applying for disability are helped by documenting mental health, which does not require tests: How to Include Mental Health.

1 thought on “How Come My Lab Tests All Say Nothing is Wrong?”

  1. One of the primary points is to prove you can’t work rather than focusing your efforts on proving you are sick. I have no conclusive testing, just standard blood tests that say I’m fine, but I still got approved. The strength of my case is likely from the doctor indicating my lack of function due to pain, plus documenting mental health.

    This site is amazing, lots of great support for how to get approved


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