The Sleepy Girl ME Video Festival Selection Committee

Artwork: Miss Diagnoses

(aka Three Girls With ME Who Like to Watch Videos)

We are three girls who like to watch videos — except when we are too sound sensitive or too light sensitive or have too much brain fog or feel too weak to sit up — just the rest of the time!

We are collecting twenty of our favorite videos related to Myalgic Encephalomyelitis and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. They are not the only great videos out there. We just love them, and they made us laugh or cry or see the world in a different way.

They also made us want to grab all our loved ones and cajole them into watching these videos, so we could get them to understand everything we always want them to understand but can’t figure out how to make them understand (It works! Try it!)

We will be posting videos one per week for the next twenty weeks. Of course you do not want to risk missing even one week, so right now you are going to sign up for our email newsletter: Peace. Love. Spoons.

To select these videos we watched approximately 9 million videos and loved them all. For a while we were going to name this festival “16,000 Videos Every Person with ME Should Watch.”

At last we got it down to twenty. You can watch some of the videos right now. If you would like to see more than great work by ME artists (You should! You should!), please visit the #Bedfest website, where you will find an amazing collection of art, poetry, writing, music, and performance… created from bed! Meant to be watched in bed! That’s what makes it a Bedfest!

Thanks for watching. Please comment below to post links to other great ME videos,

❤ Emily, Lily & Vicki

6 thoughts on “The Sleepy Girl ME Video Festival Selection Committee”

  1. It took me a long time to educate friends and family. I had to educate my doctor as well who seemed oblivious. In some ways he still does but he no longer tells me to exercise.


  2. Cool idea!

    Maybe you’ll also like this short introduction-film to ME by the Norwegian ME Association – Department Rogaland. It has English subtitles (click on CC). Feel free to share 🙂


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