8 thoughts on “What’s a Spoonie?”

  1. Oh my goodness!!! I have been a spoonie for many years…..I just did not really know it. I love the way you explain how we have only a certain amount of energy for a day. People outside of my life have no idea what it takes to do the simple things. 10 years ago I used to be able to go take a shower, wash my hair, get dressed in about 15-20 minutes. To do the same today, even rushing, takes me at least 45 minutes and I am totally done in when I finish. I live alone and even washing a load of clothes is a struggle. The spoon explanation says it all. I now live with severe reduced mobility and movement. I am in constant pain and everything is a struggle. Lol, some days I do not even have my 15 spoons……I am lucky to even have 10 or less. Thanks for the smile this explanation put on my face.


  2. I happened upon this page while trying to find out how to get the Corona stimulus for myself and my minor child while on SSI… The pages are filled with absolutely lovely artwork that made me feel happy. Thanks so much for that.


  3. […] This amazing woman has compiled tons of information ranging from resources and services for people with health issues, such as food stamps, free cell phones, and support groups, to loads of tips for applying for disability, and more. The artwork is all done by a woman who is homebound. She even has a page on there explaining What’s a Spoonie? […]


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