How Lotus Got a GREAT Doctor’s Letter for Lyme Disease

Artwork: Robin Mead

I have a friend who is a Social Worker. She explained to me that the most important part of applying for disability is proving that you cannot function.

A doctor’s letter needs to state over and over that the person cannot function due to illness and needs to describe exactly why and how they cannot function well enough to work.

After I explained this to my doctor, he wrote a letter and created a table showing how I am not able to function well enough to be able to work consistently. This letter was really instrumental to winning my case.

My doctor was super compassionate, but also expensive. Seeing him cost me almost $4,000, so I would love it if others could benefit from this letter, too.

I got approved in ten months!

Getting a Great Letter: If your doctor won’t write a letter (or the letter they write is not very helpful), don’t give up hope. Many of our readers report getting great letters from doctors who initially said “no disability paperwork. How To Get Your Doctor to Fill Out Paperwork.  Learn more about How to Get a Great Disability Letter from Your Doctor





5 thoughts on “How Lotus Got a GREAT Doctor’s Letter for Lyme Disease”

  1. Filled with gratitude – thank you for sharing this letter. I am just sitting down to tackle the doctor’s letter and this is brilliant – the table really shows that there there is not way Lotus could work. Thank you!


  2. This letter is excellent and a very good template for me to use as a chiropractor for my patients with Lyme, mold toxicity, fibromyalgia, etc. Thank you for being willing to share it!


    1. Mary,

      Thank you so much for your care in helping your patients. I am encouraged to see a practitioner go out of your way to be helpful like this.

      One other thing you might consider… if there is anyway possible to get a letter like this co-signed, this would be an enormous help for Social Security.

      For example, if you are in a joint practice and work on a team with another doctor. Or if the patient can get their general practitioner to co-sign.

      Social Security, unfortunately, has rules about chiropractors. A letter can be helpful, but it may be treated very, very differently if it is co-signed by an MD.

      For people that have applied after March 2017, it could also be co-signed by a nurse practitioner or physician’s assistant.


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