How Lotus Got a GREAT Doctor’s Letter for Lyme Disease

Artwork: Robin Mead

I have a friend who is a Social Worker. She explained to me that the most important part of applying for disability is proving that you cannot function.

A doctor’s letter needs to state over and over that the person cannot function due to illness and needs to describe exactly why and how they cannot function well enough to work.

After I explained this to my doctor, he wrote a letter and created a table showing how I am not able to function well enough to be able to work consistently. This letter was really instrumental to winning my case.

My doctor was super compassionate, but also expensive. Seeing him cost me almost $4,000, so I would love it if others could benefit from this letter, too.

I got approved in ten months!

Many doctor’s do not know the kind of information Social Security needs to see in a letter. (They don’t teach this in med school!). Lotus was kind enough to share her doctor’s letter below. This letter is really excellent. You may wish to print this out and bring a copy to your doctor as an example: print a copy of the letter here.





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