Top Ten Pages for People Applying for Disability

How to Get on Social Security Disability

🌺 All the nuts and bolts. Plus all the bells and whistles.

How to Have Great Doctor Visits That Create Great Records

πŸ‰ Read this and burn it into (what’s left of) your memory

How to Get a Great Letter from Your Doc

πŸ“ Not just any old letter. A GREAT one.

How to Get an RFC Form

🌺 A super great form to help your disability application.

How Do I Know If I’m Eligible to Apply for Disability?

πŸ‹ Spoiler: You probably are

Quick Step Guide to Improving Your Application

πŸ“ If you don’t want to read this whole site. Just read this one page.

How to Kill Your Social Security Application

πŸ‘ Try not to do this

How to Make Life a Little Easier While You Apply

🐠 Sleepy Girl tips for a (slightly) easier life

How to Greatly, Greatly (Greatly!) Improve Your Disability Application

πŸ’ Ten million things you can do (Don’t worry, you only have to do one million

How to Understand SSI and SSDI Without Making Your Head Explode

🌸 Read this and suddenly everything in your life will start to make more sense

Bonus Stories

How Daisy Won Her Case with a Doctor’s Letter

🐳 If Daisy can do it, you can too

How Violet Won Her Case with a Doctor’s Form

πŸ‘ If Violet can do it, you can too

How to Be a Winner

🐠 More success stories

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