Tricky Questions You May Be Asked During Your Appeal

🌞 How to Answer Tricky Questions on Appeal Forms

These questions are asked on the forms you fill out when you first appeal. If you already sent in your forms, and you left something out or regret your answer, you can follow up with more information. It is best to do this in writing and/or discuss this with your lawyer.

🌞 How to Answer Tricky Questions at Your Hearing

The best way to approach a hearing is just be honest and be yourself. If you read through some of the ideas and articles on this page, you can think ahead about how to accurately answer questions or you can make some notes for yourself in case your mind goes blank the day of the hearing.

🌞 How to Answer Tricky Questions at the Doctor’s Office

Surprise! Most of the questions on this list are the same as the questions at your hearing. Your judge may look to see if you talked with your doctor about these topics, if your doctor wrote about these topics, and if your doctor is writing similar things to what you say at your hearing. Please don’t wait until your hearing to start talking about these topics. Start talking with your doctor about them right now.

Updated August 2017. Please comment below with stories, questions, input or ideas. Please let us know if any links on this page stop working. 🌞

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