Special Notes for People Who Are Self-Employed

If you are self-employed, or you were self-employed in the past, here are a few tips to keep in mind when applying for disability:

🌞 If asked about employment, write what is on your tax records.

🌞 Make sure your tax records are accurate (if anything is inaccurate, it is sometimes possible to amend past records).

🌞 Do not stay listed on a spouse’s business or anyone else’s business if you no longer work there. This may make it look like you are still working when you are not and could cause problems with your application. Make sure your tax records are clear.

🌞 If you are self-employed, it is a good idea to check and make sure you have enough work credits to apply for disability.

🌞 Social Security will only count the amount your business makes after business expenses and deductions. Sometimes this is a good thing (shows that you were too disabled to earn income) and sometimes this is a bad thing (you did not earn enough work credits because you did not make enough income to pay taxes).

🌞 Please also check out: How to Apply for Disability While Working

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