How to Collect Your Records Through Your Lawyer

9a244baeb571f4ef43958ec841a9ea34.jpgIf your lawyer has collected your records you can request copies. I cannot guarantee your lawyer will give you copies, but I hope they will. Here are some tips:

📍It’s important that you give your lawyer full and complete contact information as much as you are able. Give them phone, fax, and mailing address for for every doctor, every specialist, every hospital, every lab test, every emergency room visit and every clinic you have been to since getting sick.

📍It can also be a great help to collect records from other sources. You may be able to find good records from home care agencies, vocational rehabilitation, medical treatment in jails and community corrections, and school records on disability accommodations. If you had disability-related problems at your last job, records from your job can also help.

📍After you get your records, please double check that everything is recent and complete. Many people with lawyers still have missing records.

📍Also, please double check your file with Social Security. Just because you have all your records, or your lawyer has all your records, does not mean Social Security has all your records. It’s a good idea to check, check, and double check.

📍Once you’ve obtained copies of your records, be sure to review them carefully. If you find any important errors, you’ll want to try to correct them immediately.

📍If you find that your doctor is not accurately representing your illness in your medical records, you may want to consider your options.

Updated April 2017 by Lily Silver. Please comment below with stories, questions, input or ideas. Please let me know if any links on this page stop working. 📍



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