www.ticketsarasotaAs some of you may have noticed, I spent the last week in Facebook jail.

While in jail I wrote desperate pleas for asylum to every low-level Facebook employee I could find (I have no idea how to reach the high-level ones).

The responses all fell into these categories:


Me: “My account is disabled and I can’t log in”

Facebook: “Your account is not disabled”


Me: “My account is disabled and I can’t log in”

Facebook: “Log in and tell us your account number”


Me: “My account is disabled and I can’t log in”

Facebook: “Your account is disabled, but there is nothing I can do about it. Here’s a link to where you can contact the people who will tell you that your account is not disabled.”


Me: “Is anyone actually reading what I am writing?”

Facebook: ________________________________________


I was never told my crime, but having done a little more recon, I think I may be guilty of oversharing. I post in a lot of groups. This is allowed, but apparently the Facebook spam bots do not like it when you post quickly.

You have to do it this way: Post. Pause. Post. Pause. Post. Pause.

Not the way I was doing it: Post. Post. Post. Post. Post. Post.

There are apps designed to do a slow-release posts for you, but I didn’t know any of this at the time.

After running through the denial, anger, bargaining, and grief phases, I think I’ve arrived at acceptance that the old Lily is irreversibly dead. I am not well-connected enough to bring her back to life.


Luckily, I made Vicki back-up admin on my pages (thank you to Colleen Steckel for this brilliantly prophetic idea).

Unluckily, I lost a few other things – most notably the thread on my page about medical equipment. So many people wrote soooo many good ideas there, but I took too long to turn them into a post and now they are gone (extremely tragic!)

I also went from 1,600 Facebook friends to a whopping…. 96. Please feel free to suggest friends to me, or tag them in the comments. (I am happy to be friends with people from any location, but my posts are almost all about disability services in the US)

Here is a really great suggestion from Christiane, apparently there is a way to back up your Facebook account. “The link is found in Settings in blue print at bottom of General Settings page.” You should all probably go do that right now.

Also, it has taken me two days straight just to try find (some of my) friends, rejoin groups, turn notifications off and on, and I can’t find my favorite stickers! The little-sailor-bicycle-thief-boat-people-with-the-striped-shirts-and-cheerleading-hearts.


Since I am homebound and often bedridden, there is not a lot to do when one is stuck in Facebook jail. Kinda like…. Jail.

I was pretty bummed at first, but being in jail turned out to not be so bad. Apparently jail still had cats and hamburgers and reality TV.

Vicki organized an incarceration pen pal program and sent me a bunch of great “Free Lily” messages and pictures of ballerinas.

Also, I got to conspire with my new favorite people Beth and Ben and everyone at #MEAction. There are going to be some really great posts coming up with amazing paintings from Elizabeth D’Angelo to let people know about #bedfest. Stay tuned!

Plus, I finally started a twitter account. (It is hell! Why does anyone do this????)

I also started a mail chimp email newsletter account and guess what happened…. that account ALSO got disabled. Apparently, it is not good enough that I am disabled in real life.

All in all, I would have to say, after my initial panic, it was probably somewhat healthy to have a forced break, and it’s nice to be home now. Everyone has been soooo kind and supportive and sweet since I came back, that it is almost all worth it.

I’m also cultivating an air of non-attachment, since I don’t know if this post will get me thrown right back into the slammer.

5 thoughts on “MY TIME IN THE POKEY”

  1. Glad you found some good from being jailed. Love and care come from all directions. Spirit comes from inside you.


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