How Your Doctor Can Help or Hurt Your Disability Application


You may notice there are three times more articles on this page then on the page about lawyers. In most cases, the right doctor is waaaaay more important than the right lawyer.

If you don’t have good records from your doctor, there is literally nothing your lawyer can do to help you.

If you do have good records from your doctor, you may not even need a lawyer.

If you can’t afford to go to the doctor, please see links below.

How to Tell If You Are Seeing Mr. or Ms. Right

Daisy’s lawyer waited two years to tell her she was seeing the wrong kind of doctor. You don’t want to wait two years. You want to know right now.

How To Ask for the Right Kind of Help in the Right Kind of Way

Why do I talk to my doctor? When do I talk to my doctor? How do I talk to my doctor?

How to Have “The Talk”

You may think you’ve already talked to your doc about your disability application. Read this anyway.

How Did it Go?

Did your doc support you a little, a lot, or not at all? No matter what happened, you have options.

How to Get to The Doctor When You Can’t Get to the Doctor

If you don’t have health insurance, transportation, or the ability to get to the doctor.

How to Explain if You Haven’t Been to the Doctor (or haven’t taken meds)

If you try everything you can and you STILL can’t get to the doctor, Social Security will accept that you have a good reason.

How to Gain A Lot of Weight

Social Security gives a lot of weight to some doctors and little or no weight to others. You want your doctor to gain a lot of weight!

How to Deal if Your Doc Doesn’t Support

Don’t worry. I’ve seen many people get themselves into this situation and I’ve seen many people get themselves out of this situation.

How to Deal with a Doc Who Won’t Fill Out Paperwork

If your doc doesn’t want to fill out paperwork, you are not alone! And you are not without hope. Read on.

How to Switch Doctors

In some situations, switching doctors is the ONLY way you will EVER get approved for disability.

How to Tell if Your Doctor is a Jerk

In case you were wondering

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