How to Wait for a Decision – After Your Hearing


Good job getting through your hearing. Now… the waiting!

There is not much you can do at this point, except obsess a lot and try your best to take care of yourself. In most cases, a decision will come within a few months. Check out this timeline to see all the steps that will happen while you are waiting.

On rare occasions, people are sent to another appointment with a Social Security doctor or the judge will request a second hearing. However, the vast majority of the time, nothing more will happen. Just the waiting. Here are some tips to Make Your Life a Little Easier while you wait.

📫 Cryptic Love Notes from Social Security

If you have not already done so you may wish to create an online account, so Social Security can send you enigmatic little messages.

You may get a message that says “a medical decision has been made.” This means they made a decision but they won’t tell you what it means yet. Stay tuned. They will let you know more soon.

You may get a message that says they are reviewing your case for “processing accuracy.” This means your case was randomly selected for quality review where, most of the time, nothing happens. Stay tuned.

You may get a message that you were approved medically but they need to do a “non-medical review.” This is good news. It means you were approved. They will be contacting you to do a financial interview for SSI. See links below.

📫 The Decision!

They will send you your decision by mail. Sometimes it will appear first on your online account. Sometimes someone is willing to tell you over the phone (but usually not).

If you were approved take a look here: Everything No One Ever Tells After You Get Approved

If you were not approved (yet!) take a look here: How to Decide Between Appeals Council or New Application.


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