Quick-Step Guide to Improving Your Disability Ap

4399969-flower-tree.jpgIf you DO want a great disability application and DO NOT want to read this entire website, just read this one page.

πŸ’ One: You want a doctor who supports your disability application

πŸ’ Two: You want to make sure your doc is an MD or another kind of “Acceptable Medical Source”

πŸ’ Three: You want to ask your doctor for an RFC form or a doctor’s letter.

πŸ’ Four: You want to have great doctor visits.

πŸ’ Five: You want to double check what is in your Social Security file

πŸ’ Six: You want at least one piece of medical evidence for each of your conditions

πŸ’ Seven: You want as much proof of functioning as you can get your hands on

πŸ’ Bonus points: If you can also collect and read your medical records, you get the “cherry on top of the cake” award.


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