Quick-Step Guide to Improving Your Disability Ap

4399969-flower-tree.jpgIf you DO want a great disability application and DO NOT want to read this entire website, just read this one page.

πŸ’ One: You want a doctor who supports your disability application

πŸ’ Two: You want to make sure your doc is an MD or another kind of “Acceptable Medical Source”

πŸ’ Three: You want to ask your doctor for an RFC form or a doctor’s letter.

πŸ’ Four: You want to have great doctor visits.

πŸ’ Five: You want to double check what is in your Social Security file

πŸ’ Six: You want at least one piece of medical evidence for each of your conditions

πŸ’ Seven: You want as much proof of functioning as you can get your hands on

πŸ’ Bonus points: If you can also collect and read your medical records, you get the “cherry on top of the cake” award.


3 thoughts on “Quick-Step Guide to Improving Your Disability Ap”

  1. Hello, I am a 28 year old male. I field for disability in August of 2017. I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, Myalgia, PLMD, RLS, RA, depression, syringomyelia (a cyst aka syrinx in the middle of my spinal cord) from T4 to T11, and a few more to add up to 23 different diagnosis. I have a palliative care nurse, neurologist, rheumatologist, sleep doctor, GI doctor, psychiatrist , therapists, a pain clinic, and a primary care doctor. Syringomyelia prognosis can be poor. I have sent over 50 pages of doctor reports on my condition(s). I let it all hang out when I go to the doctors. Two weeks ago I saw a SS psychiatrist for my depression; I believe that I got a report in my favor. On my SS portal, I saw that a notification on my application status, it says: A medical decision has been made and we are working to process your benefit application. I am not getting to excited about this notification on my application. I don’t have a lawyer right now; if I am denied, I will get a lawyer for the appeal process. I threw out a line and contacted a lawyer a few weeks ago, to understand how the appeal process works. I told him my story and he thought that I was lying. He was trying to talk me out of it. He kept telling my that I WILL get denied because of my age. I don’t know if it was his technique to see if I am telling the truth. regardless he will not be my lawyer. I try to the best doctors in my state; I have to drive 3 hours one way to see them. My neurologist told me that surgery on my syrnx is considered experimental and only needed for a life threatening situation, or loss of motor function. If my pain continues to break though my pain meds, I will end up having a intrathecal pump (pain pump) and or, spinal cord stimulation. I am finding the disability process to be ridiculous. My case was sent to an other state; in my case Washington State’s DDS, which is normal? I have been served a summons on credit card debt and a lean on my home. I think that I have articulated my case correctly. it will be devastating if I have to got to court to prove my disability, the wait time for trial in my state is 16 months.


    1. Sounds like you are doing everything right. Yes, it is normal to have things sent to another state if your state has too many cases to handle. Very much hoping that it will be a good decision for you.


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