How to Document, Document, Document


How to Document Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Social Security has a special ruling for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. You can use it! It can help!

How to Document Lyme Disease

There is no special ruling for Lyme Disease. Don’t worry. You can get approved anyway.

How to Document Other Conditions

Most people are not approved for just one thing. They are approved for a combination of impairments. Make sure your application includes every single thing you struggle with, including mental health, depression, anxiety, and all physical conditions.

How to “Prove” Lyme Disease and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Spoiler: You can’t

How Well Can You Function? (aka the key to winning EVERY disability claim)

Including yours

How to Be Tested

Have you heard someone say you need “objective medical evidence”? This is what they are talking about.

How to Tell if Your Test Results are “Good Enough”

I get this question a lot. Here are some answers.

How to Make Sure Social Security Does Not Ignore Your Medical Evidence

Not all evidence is created equal. You want the kind they will pay attention to.

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