Azalea and Willow Get Help While Applying for Disability

Artwork: Robin Mead

Some people think they have to wait until after they are approved for disability to get help and assistance. No. No. No.

There are plenty of ways you can get help and assistance right now.

Willow’s Story

Today I got approved for food stamps plus medical assistance. I’m so happy. I had no idea I could apply while waiting for my disability decision – I wish I had done this six months ago.

I’m getting $195 per month in food stamps – the maximum rate in my state for a single person.

Even though I live with my parents, they still gave me the maximum rate because I followed the food stamps regulations (see below).

I thought there was no way I would get Medicaid because I live with my parents and I am on my parents’ medical insurance, but it turned out that I did get Medicaid and it’s going to pay my co-pays and deductibles.

Azalea’s Story

I was denied disability and I am appealing, but I was able to qualify for a caregiver by having my doctor fill out a form. I was awarded 45 hours per month and it will make a huge difference in my life.

Don’t give up! I have made hundreds of phone calls. I have found there are several agencies locally that can help me with advocacy and assistance with my application. Despite almost overwhelming odds, even beyond what most people can even imagine, we can keep persisting.

I have to keep trying every door I can find. I am really alone, facing more than I thought possible. We should be cared for, not left on our own when we’re sick. All I can say is: Keep looking, keep trying, keep pressing, and keep asking for help!

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