How to Avoid Scary Phone Calls


The Activities of Daily Living Questionaire (also be called Adult Function Report) is a form Social Security sends you to learn more about how you function in daily life.

If you get a form like this, it’s helpful if you can take time to think about each question, and learn a little more about how to fill out a great Activities of Daily Living Questionnaire.

This form is usually sent to you about a month or two after you first apply.

Some caseworkers don’t send out these forms…. the call and ask the questions on the phone! I don’t know why they do it this way (to torture you, obviously).

There are people who prefer these phone calls. Some people don’t like forms and would rather just be asked the questions. If you decide to do it this way, that is fine. It’s best to be honest and think very carefully about each answer before speaking.

Other people (like me) would rather die then be put on the spot answering questions over the phone. Personally I would want the time to carefully think about each question and feel comfortable with my answer.

If you are like me, you can try to avoid this situation by printing out the form yourself and filling it out and sending it to them before they even have a chance to call you! Ideally this will just solve this problem.

Alternately, if they do call you, you can request the written form instead. If you have difficulties speaking on the phone because of your health problems (i.e. problems with memory, concentration, focus, speech, hearing, sitting up and talking, or anxiety) you can politely request the written form as a disability accommodation and thank them for their time in taking this extra step to help you.

If you have no problems with phone conversations, it can’t hurt to ask anyway, maybe they will be nice and do it.

It may also be helpful to keep in mind that the lawyers on the Disability Secrets website report “Activities of Daily Living calls are typically used against disability claimants. Claims examiner may subtly phrase questions for the purpose of gathering just the right responses so that the denial of a claim can be more easily justified.”

What Happens Next?

Third Party Adult Function report is a similar form they sometimes send to your contact person – this is the person you listed on your application as your contact. Or they may call this person. Or they may do nothing and your contact person may never hear from them.

Once again, if your contact person is not comfortable with a phone call, they can request the written form. Your contact person is not required to talk to the caseworker if they don’t want to.

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