How Great Is It to Have Lyme Disease

By Lauren Lovejoy, Lily Silver & Friends

🌺 Let’s play a depressing humor game. Lyme has made my hair fall out but I’ve saved a ton on shampoo

πŸ˜‹ Lyme makes watching rerun TV shows brand new again!

🐝 Lyme has made my eye twitch. All the cute guys think I’m winking at them!

Β πŸ‘ I used to worry about career prospects, now I’ve got nothing to worry about!

πŸ‘› Lyme has made me forgetful… thank goodness I forgot everything about my ex.

πŸ˜€ Lyme made my friends and family disappear. Christmas shopping is quick & cheap!

πŸ‘ Β  My dating life is jerk-free!!! Only really nice guys want to date a pathetic disabled person.

πŸ‘— Lyme puts me in bed for days. Now my kitty gets the cuddle time she deserves

πŸ’ Lyme gives me tics, the irony.

πŸ‡Β Lyme made me forget anything and everything except Jenny’s number… 867-5309

😍 Lyme made me stick thin. Now I look like a supermodel.

πŸ¦„ Lyme has helped immensely with the water bill. I get a bath once a week.

😁 I’m finally able to keep a secret. If you tell me something, I will forget 5 minutes late

πŸ’„ Lyme made me lose so much weight my neighbors are jealous

πŸŒ‚ Lyme made me bedridden. Now I have an excuse to wear pajamas all day.

😊 Laying face up in bed for ten years gave me a free facelift…. for real!

πŸ˜„ Lyme…. natures birth control. Menopause in my early 20s

β˜‚οΈ Lyme took away my ability to express emotion. I had the best poker face ever

πŸ˜„Β Lyme has made my hands tremor so muchΒ  I’ve saved a ton on AA batteries!

πŸŽ… My dog convinces me that I haven’t fed him yet…. so he’s happy

🎩 In five minutes I’ll forget I read this post and get to laugh at these all over again

πŸ‘š Lyme has taken my A type personality and smashed it to smithereeens.

🌸 My walker has a seat and my guys can push me around while I hold a cat.

πŸ’Β I couldn’t understand why there were no dirty clothes in the hamper. I was looking in the toilet.

πŸ“ My coffee suppositories smell like chocolate. My butt smells good.

πŸ‘­ Lyme weeded out all the fake friends, and left behind the ride or die ones.

πŸ‘’ I never had so many people tell me how great I look!

πŸ‘‘ You look great!! Why are you always complaining about being sick?!

🐬 Lyme made me lose my memory. Now it’s like Christmas every Amazon delivery.

πŸŽ’ Β Too sick to clean, so I get to watch my handsome husband do all the chores!

🐍 Lyme has made me gain a Shit Ton of weight but hey I GOT DAT ASSSSSSSSSSS!!!

😎 Lyme has made me so sensitive to light I wear my sunglasses at night!!

🐾 Lyme made me blind. I have some really cute glasses to wear

πŸ‹ I’ve decided I like the almost hairless eyebrows I have now. Setting a new trend.

πŸ¦€ I no longer have a sense of smell so my farts don’t stink.

πŸ‘€ Lyme made me bedridden, but I’m almost caught up with everything on Netflix

πŸ‰Β Since my beloved son was not able to finish elementary school, or high school, we are now saving a ton of money on college.

πŸ’ When my doctor asked β€œWhat’s up with all the hip replacements?” I said “Too much fucking!”

🐠 Lyme made me hallucinate. It gave me some good conversations with my kids who weren’t there

πŸ’Β Lyme made me walk out fully dressed and drive down the street when I realize I forgot my teeth.

πŸ’‹Β Lyme has given me an opportunity to travel. That’s what happens when you’ve been to 8 states for treatment because “You can’t get Lyme in Alabama.”

🍎 Lyme screwed with my pituitary so much that it counteracted my PCOS and allowed me to conceive my daughter

🐳 I have the best caring and amazing friends who I have never met in person (except at the funeral of one of our Lyme fighters.)

🐸 I used to hit the light switch in the bathroom thinking it would flush the toilet. I had to ask my boyfriend why the hell the toilet wasn’t working.


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