How to Wheel Around an Airport


Airport wheelchair services are GREAT. Use them. You will be very glad you did.

They will provide you with a wheelchair and a person (or series of people) who will push it. Usually friendly young men. Sometimes they will put you on an electric cart.

You do not need to be on disability or show any special documentation. Any person with mobility problems can request this. I have met many seniors who use this service.

When you book your ticket online, check the box for wheelchair service or call the airline company and request this be added to your ticket.

Sleepy Girl Airport Wheelchair Tips

  • Make sure all your layovers are longer than one hour, ideally two. Trust me, you will lose your mind from stress if you don’t do this.
  • Bring lots of cash for tips. However many tips you are planning, double it.
  • Airline employees don’t accept tips. Wheelchair wheeler people do.
  • The wheelchair wheeler people are exceptionally nice in my experience.
  • They do not guarantee you will make your connection. If they forget about you, keep speaking up.
  • If you are at a large airport with lines, you do not have to stand in line and wait. You can pull up to the curb and ask the first employee you see to call a wheelchair.
  • They will wheel you to the gate and leave you there. If you get up and leave your chair, you are on your own. If you stay in the chair, when boarding starts, they will board you first and wheel you all the way to the plane.
  • On the other end, they can wheel you straight up to a taxi cab door (Now you are starting to see why you want so many tips).
  • I learned this the hard way: Don’t leave your wheelchair unattended. They will take it away! If you need to lie down on a bench or floor, it’s a good idea to keep the wheelchair next to you so you are touching it and put your bag on it.
  • If you need to go to the bathroom, you can walk your wheelchair there with you. If you cannot walk that far, you can try to flag down an airport employee and tell them you need someone to take you to the restroom.
  • Don’t leave your wheelchair sitting with just your bag on it. Unattended bags can be considered bomb threats in airports.
  • Occasionally, they may forget about you. This is good practice in speaking up for yourself! Waive down the nearest airport employee you see and ask for a wheelchair attendant. If you are still in the plane, you can ask them to call the wheelchair service again.
  • I used to feel uncomfortable using wheelchair services and I was plagued by the obsessive thought that I would run into someone from my high school who would look at me funny. As time has passed, I have come to feel differently.
  • I am incredibly grateful for this wonderful service that makes it possible for me to travel, grateful to the kindhearted young men that push these wheelchairs, and most especially grateful to our disabled activist brothers and sisters, whomever they may be, who made such things possible in this world.
  • Happy wheeling!


Travel Tips from Readers

The hardest part: deciding to use the service the first couple of times. Our society is so negative about disabled and old people, that we feel vulnerable just sitting in a chair. But energy you spend walking when you should have been sitting doesn’t come back – you’ve lost it forever – and it won’t be there in the places there are no wheelchairs. – ABE

They will wheel you through to your gate like a queen. Helps me immensely!! Also speeds up getting through TSA. Let them know you need one at your arrival gate. They ask for no documentation to prove you need one. You just need to ask. I’ve done this twice now. The first time I had to emotionally process asking for help. Now I can’t believe I didn’t do it earlier! You deserve it!! That may be the biggest lesson in it for me. Happy Travels! – BAZ

My elderly father has an electric wheel chair. When you order your ticket online, you can request handicap assistance. They want to know what type of chair and if you are able to transfer from the wheelchair to your seat. They pre-board you and take care of storing the wheelchair for flight. Once you arrive, they’ll help you get to your electric wheelchair or have your manual one waiting just outside the door of the plane. – GC

Give the wheelchair escort a good tip. They don’t make very much here in the USA. Bonus: not having to wait in the security screening line. Wheelchairs get to bypass the line and go straight to the front! – GC

Make sure to confirm your wheelchair when you check in. – RFH

You can research ahead of time to see if the country you’re going to visit has companies who offer wheelchair rentals. Research the companies to see the type of wheelchair they offer meets your specific needs. – DP

The airline would not accept my electric wheelchair – they asked about battery and size. I took a manual one. I was still looked after very well though – SJNM

An upside to requiring a wheelchair: In some countries they go out of their way to help you. The Swiss Guard at the Vatican took us out of the long line we were waiting in and admitted us immediately. – TB

The bad thing about wheelchairs is the extra security that can involve a same-sex security person patting down every square inch of your body. To avoid this, I now get up from my wheelchair and walk through the security scanners. – CK

I would have never considered using a wheelchair in an airport! But walking yesterday and waiting for a late bus I was in tears from the pain. I was awakening to see how much I bear simply out of my perception of who I should be. I had hidden fears of what it means to admit I am disabled. – AM

I flew from Manchester to Dublin in a wheelchair and I’m delighted to say I had a fabulous experience. – SJNM


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