How to Get Denied Without Getting Denied


Sometimes you will get a letter or website update that says “denied” even though you haven’t really been denied!

A technical denial means they haven’t looked at your medical records. They are just running into a different kind of problem. If you see the word “denied”, but you don’t see the words “medical decision” or “medical denial” you haven’t really been denied.

Here’s what happened:

SSDI Denial

If you get a technical denial it is most likely because you did not pay enough Social Security taxes. Maybe there is nothing you can do, or maybe there is something you can do.

SSI Denial

There are a few reasons why this might happen:

  • You haven’t had your SSI interview yet. Sometimes the website says, “SSI denied” even though the person hasn’t even had their interview yet! I don’t know why this happens, but the website may just correct itself on its own. The SSI interview is a bunch of questions about your finances, bank account, rent, cars, houses, and income.
  • You didn’t apply for SSI. When you apply, you need to check the box “Intend to apply for SSI.” If you are poor and you didn’t check this box, you made a mistake! If you are poor and your lawyer or caseworker didn’t check this box, they made a mistake! A BIG mistake. Contact Social Security and request to apply for SSI.
  • You aren’t poor. Yep, you’ve been denied SSI. Don’t worry, your SSDI application will still continue on.

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