How to Experience Technical Difficulties


Here are a few ways to get into and out of trouble. None of these things will affect the medical decision on your case, they will just annoy you in the meantime:

How to Get Denied Without Getting Denied

Read this if you get a “technical” denial or a “non-medical” denial or a notice that says “denied” but it does not say “a medical decision has been made.”

How to Be Ineligible

Read this if Social Security says you are not eligible to apply for disability

How to Check Your Date Last Insured

Read this if you have already applied and you would like to do a little something extra that may or may not turn out to be important

How to Stay Out of Hot Water with SSI

Read this if you have already applied for SSI and you want to know all the rules so that your backpay check will not be reduced

How to Escape the Information Black Hole

Read this if you have a Social Security question and you can’t figure out how to figure out the answer.

How to Find a Lawyer or Rep

If you run into problems with you can’t solve, it is a good idea to consider getting a lawyer or representative

How to Respond When You are Told Weird, Funny, Random, Disappointing or Untrue Things

Read this if someone at Social Security tells you something that sounds weird, funny, random, disappointing or untrue

How To Figure Out Where Your Application is & What in the *@!# is Going On

Read this if you don’t know where your application is or what the bleep is going on

How to Be Eligible for SSI

Read this if you think you are poor enough to qualify for SSI, but you still got a notice or got told that you are not eligible. Maybe there is a solution.

How to Get Help from Your Congressperson

If you are banging your head against the wall because Social Security will not work with you to fix the problem, your Congressperson can help. (Hint: The person at your Congressperson’s office will not know complex Social Security policies. They will know how to make a phone call for you if you tell them what to say).

How to Improve Your Application

Everything above is all well and good, but none of it will matter one whit if you don’t have great medical records and a great application. This is where you should be spending most of your time.

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