How Leaf Got Approved by Firing His Doctor

il_fullxfull-436866815_tw891.jpgI saw this psychiatrist regularly for over a decade when I was still struggling to work, but when I reached an all-time low in my life and needed his help the most, he wanted to throw me under the bus.

He told me, “I will not help you with anything with disability. You will never get approved” He made it perfectly clear he would not help me. He thought that if he could find the right combo of meds, he could get me back to work. I knew I had done all I possibly could to work and just could not anymore.

I felt hopeless, but I made a decision to fire him immediately. I found myself a good psychologist and I told him exactly what I am telling you here now, and I had all my medical records transferred.

My new doctor told me he would help me any way he could and he also administered some psychological tests the same day I saw him. I also had a supportive primary care physician.

Firing that doctor was the best decision I have ever made in my life. If I had stayed with him, I would have never gotten my disability claims approved. I am certain of it. I might be homeless today.

You are the only person who lives in your own body. Only you know in your heart of hearts if you can sustain full-time, long-term work anymore. Not one else knows — not your friends, not your doctor.

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