How’m I doin’? (week 4)

10491996_682103408511763_7013581721708453434_nWeek four!! I am not sure what happened, but Social Security must have decided to suddenly send out a gazillion Disability Update Reports. I have been getting a non-stop stream of messages from people who just got one.

The Disability Update Report (also called “Short Form CDR”) is a brief form they send out to people who are already on disability. It is used by Social Security to help them decide if they want to do a medical review. If you have gotten one of these and want to learn more: How to Ace the Short Form CDR

I have met quite a few people lately who (tragically) think that they cannot get any help until after they are approved for Social Security disability. Not true at all! Most programs do not care if you have been approved for disability. Please don’t wait to get the help you need. This week I have been putting together this list on How to Stop Waiting

Shared by readers

Sara did a brilliant job of getting a letter from her doctor that was THE KEY to winning her Social Security disability case. She was kind enough to share how she did it. I hope her story will help and inspire others: How Sara Won Her Case with a Doctor’s Letter

Colleen Steckel runs the North Carolina and Ohio ME/FM Support Group on Facebook “My support group page is open for all to see. Always looking for good stuff to share on there”.

A reader here just started a new Facebook group and you can be one of the very first members! “This is a support group for those with ME/CFS who are housebound or bedridden. It’s a safe place to help each other, compare notes, ask advice, and share ideas.” For people in ALL countries.

The beautiful artwork at the top of this page was created by Elizabeth D’Angelo. Artist, spreader of love and hope, illness warrior, and force of nature, Elizabeth often paints with her arms pinned to her sides due to severe weakness and muscle spasms from advanced CFS/ME. About the Artist

If any other artists would like me to include their work, I would be happy to hear from you. Please get in touch.

My favorite post this week

“I was denied disability and I am appealing, but I was able to qualify for a caregiver. I was awarded 45 hours per month and it will make a huge difference in my life.

Don’t give up! Keep persisting. I have made hundreds of phone calls. I have found there are several agencies locally that can help me.

Despite almost overwhelming odds, even beyond what most people can even imagine, we can keep persisting. Keep going, and keep asking for help!” ~ AM

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