All About Residual Functional Capacity Forms (RFC Forms)


Robin Mead

Sample Physical RFC Form

Sample Mental RFC Form 

Sample Function Forms for Specific Conditions

How to Work with Your Doctor to Get a Great RFC Function Form

How Violet Won Her Case Using Function Forms

How to Avoid Function Form Mistakes

What to Do When Your Doctor Won’t Fill Out Paperwork

8 thoughts on “All About Residual Functional Capacity Forms (RFC Forms)”

  1. The other important piece to the forms issue is to make sure that it is ALL correct AFTER your doctor has filled it out AND that you lawyer sees and reviews it, as soon as possible afterwards. I had a doctor who would fill out forms for people, but preferred to do it alone after office hours. OK, no problem there. But when I got the form, I realized my name was on top, but all other information was about someone else with a different condition. It was a good thing I demanded a copy because the lawyer’s assistant had just thrown their copy in my file, lawyer did not know it was there to look at it and by the time she found out, there would not have been enough time to have it corrected and returned.


  2. I have filled 5/6 times. The last time I had the chance and talked to a judge and he told me to get a proper paper trail. My issues are mostly mental. (resulting from some tramatic brain injuries)
    With this information I got a new counseling therapist who assigned me a SSI representative. What should I ask and or tell him? All he did was file another claim without really gathering any information from me, however he did give me a way to reach him. Advice on how to proceed would be greatly appreciated.


    1. Hi Drew,

      It’s great that you are thinking about this question.

      Many representatives do not gather documentation for you for new applications.

      You can gather as much as you can yourself and bring it to your representative. You can also work with your rep to make sure they have collected all your medical records (request of everything they gather to check if it is all there).

      You can also ask your doctor if there are any tests you can do that will show the damage from the traumatic brain injury.

      If you have mental illness problems, it’s best if you can start seeing a psychologist or psychiatrist (not just a counselor/therapist)

      I hope it goes great for you.


  3. Annie Lowe, Who lease mawbut don’t know what to d0 I need help, but am 90 years old just have Marcular Degeneration, and I eye gets bad in the late afternoon..


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