How To Follow The Golden Rules of Records


Golden Rule # 1

If there is an important piece of paper needed to win your claim, this piece of paper will disappear. No one knows where or when or how it will disappear. Somehow it will vanish. This is the golden rule.

Golden Rule # 2

Never believe that your lawyer is handling all your medical records. Love your lawyer, but check your records.

Golden Rule # 3

Social Security will collect some of your records some of the time. Or they will collect most of your records most of the time. They will not collect all of your records all of the time.

Golden Rule #4 

If you collect all of your records before you first apply, plus a few doctor’s letters or function form, and put everything in a big pile, and submit them all along with your initial application, you may be approved. I don’t want to say this always works, but I do want to say, every single person I know who did this did get approved in six months or less.

Golden Rule # 5

It is never too late to start checking your records and it is never too early to start checking your records. Check, check and double check. You may be very happy you did.

Golden Rule # 6

If some of your records are missing, chances are no one will tell you. You may find out later. You may never find out. You may always wonder why it is you got denied. Unless you check your records. If you check your records, you can ignore Golden Rule # 6.

Golden Rule # 7

If there is a problem with your records, your lawyer will not tell you until two weeks before your hearing. Or your lawyer will not tell you until two weeks after your hearing.

Golden Rule # 8

If you want to know what is in your records, you need to hold them in your own two hands and read them with your own two eyes.

Golden Rule # 9

If you think you have read all your records, you may not have read all your records. There may be secret medical records you have not seen.

Golden Rule # 10

If you are sending records to Social Security submit things the right way and save yourself heartache in long run.

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