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Most people lose their initial applications and reconsiderations. But guess what? You have now gotten all that out of the way!

Now you can move on to the next step… the better step… the step where most people win!!

Most people win their hearing appeals. Plus, there are a bunch of things you can do that will make you chances of winning even better.

I like what disability lawyer Scott Davis says: “If you’re actually trying to win the case on the day of the hearing, you’re probably in trouble.”

So true! You don’t win your case the day of your hearing. You win it in the days, weeks, and months beforehand. If you are waiting for your hearing, now is the perfect time to make a difference. Here’s how:

Put together a super fabulous application.

Please take a look at these Steps To Creating a Great Disability Application and do as much as you are able. Every single thing you do can make a huge difference! If you are not well, try to do ten minutes a day, try to get a friend to help you, try to do two minutes a day, do what you can.

Get a lawyer.

It is recommended to try to get a lawyer to assist you with your hearing, if possible. You can hire a lawyer or you can hire a “non-attorney representative.” They are both equally good. Your lawyer will not charge you anything now. They will receive a part of your backpay if your case is approved.

But then act like you don’t have a lawyer.

After you get a lawyer, it is great if you can continue to do as much as you are able to help your case. Some people think, “Now that I have a lawyer, everything will be taken care of and I don’t have to do anything.” Sometimes this turns out to be true. Not always. How much do you want to take the risk?

Plan ahead.

If you are wondering what is going to happen before, during, and after your hearing, take a look at this Typical Timeline for a Social Security Application.

Check your records.

About a month before your hearing, start double checking to make sure Social Security actually has all your records and all these records actually appear in your actual file. Believe me, you will be glad you did. How To Find What’s There and What’s Missing

Prep for your hearing.

Lucky for me, I do not have to write anything here. There are a million disability lawyers out there and they have all already written a million articles on this topic. Here are some great ones:



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