How to Play the Doctor Lottery

513-lottery-ticket-cartoon.gifWhen it comes to doctors and disability claims, it can be a little like playing the lottery. Some doctors won’t help anyone, and some doctors try to help everyone, and most doctors are somewhere in between. If you feel you played the lottery and lost, don’t give up hope. You still have options.

Why doesn’t my doctor support me? 

There are about twenty different reasons why this might happen and nearly all of them have zero to do with you and how disabled you are. It might interest you to take a look at this whole bunch of reasons why your doctor won’t help.

Don’t get discouraged, don’t take it personally, and don’t lose hope. Plenty of people have found themselves in this situation and plenty of people have found their way out of this situation.

What are my options?

If things don’t go your way, you still have a few options to consider:

Option One

You can give up on this doctor and go out and find a different doctor who better understands your condition or is more willing to help document your illness. In some cases this is the ONLY way you will EVER get on disability, and the longer you wait the worse things get.

Option Two

You can get more than one doctor. You may find additional doctors or specialists who are more willing to work with you on documenting your condition. If you have multiple doctors, it’s important that they are all on the same page. If one doctor writes that you are disabled and another writes that you can function well, this will cause problems. Violet had eight different doctors and it worked out super for her: How Violet Got More Function Forms than Anybody Ever

Option Three

You can stop giving your doctor mixed messages. Many people feel shy, hesitant, embarrassed or confused about accepting their disability. If you don’t believe that you are disabled, it’s unlikely anyone else will.  You can try to start Great Visits That Create Great Records and see if your doctor becomes more supportive. Its also very important to talk about your disability ap and make sure you are asking for help in the right way. Sometimes conversations go haywire, and it may be possible to get things back on track.

Option Four

If your doctor believes you are disabled but won’t fill out paperwork, or does not like to be involved with disability applications, you may be able to win her over about paperwork. It’s possible!

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