How Your Congressperson Can (and Can’t) Help Your Disability Case


Don’t be afraid to ask your Congressperson for help with Social Security issues. They can help you! But you gotta know how to ask, and you got know what to ask, and you gotta know who to ask.

Here’s what your congressperson can do for you

  1. Speed up your disability backpay check!
  2. Speed up your first disability payment!
  3. Speed up your disability decision!
  4. Cut through the red tape!
  5. Draw attention to a request you have made
  6. Ensure a policy is being followed
  7. Call Social Security and ask a question for you
  8. Call Social Security and resolve an administrative mistake

Here’s what your congressperson cannot do for you

  1. Get your application approved
  2. Get your application more likely to be approved
  3. Get Social Security to believe your application and believe you are disabled
  4. Get the judge to reconsider his decision about your application
  5. Have any influence over your application approval in any way whatsoever

You may come across some stories of people who contacted their congressperson and later their application was approved. There is a word for when this happens: Coincidence.

Here’s when your congressperson can help you

  • Financial crisis – You cannot afford food and/or housing. Or you have an eviction or foreclosure notice.
  • Medical crisis – You are terminally ill and will pass away soon, or you need critical medical care that you cannot afford.
  • Abnormal wait time – You have been waiting much longer than average for a hearing, decision or first check.
  • Administrative or clerical mistake – For example, if Social Security wrote and told you that you have died, this is a clear administrative mistake. You would probably know if you were dead.
  • Policy mistake – There is a specific policy you know they are supposed to follow, but the person handling your case has not or will not follow it. It will help a great deal if you research and find a written copy of the policy so you can show this to the person at your Congressperson’s office.

Here’s when your congressperson probably cannot help you

  • You want to contact them and tell them how sick you are and you want them to help you get approved.
  • You want things to move faster, but you don’t have a good reason for making this request.
  • You have a question about Social Security policies or how Social Security works. If you have a question, try looking here instead.
  • You want to help your case. If you want to increase your chances of getting approved, try looking here instead.

In the above situations, you can contact Congressperson. And they may reply. And they may have you fill out a release form. And they may call Social Security for you. And all of this may make you feel better. And it will get the Congressperson more votes. But it won’t actually help your case.

It is a feel-good gesture. There are many other things you could be doing instead that actually will help your case!

Learn More

Contacting your Congressperson can really work and can really help. Many people have found contacting their congressperson made a great difference.

How To Get Help from Your Congressperson

Sample Letters to Congresspeople

Updated Oct 2017. Please comment below with stories, ideas, questions or suggestions. Please let us know if any links on this page stop working.

Robin Mead

2 thoughts on “How Your Congressperson Can (and Can’t) Help Your Disability Case”

  1. Thank you! I am currently waiting on back pay from an approval 6 months ago, meanwhile my lawyer has already received his pay from it. I will be writing my congressperson today.


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