How Good are My Doctor Visits? (Quiz)


Give yourself ten points for the first question. One point for everything else. Don’t worry, you are not expected to say yes to EVERYTHING. That would be impossible!!


  • Is my Doc an acceptable medical source? (10 points)
  • Have I been regularly seeing my doctor for 6+ months?
  • Do I see my doctor frequently? Every 1-3 months?
  • Is my doc a specialist? or has my doc referred me to specialists for testing and exams?

Self Belief

  • Do I believe I am disabled?
  • Do I believe I am unable to work?
  • Am I upfront with my doc about how bad my symptoms and limitations are? even when I feel shy and embarrassed?


  • Do I tell my doctor my functional limitations and everything I cannot do because of my illness? For example, do I tell my docs if I have trouble walking, bending, sitting, standing, moving, lifting, etc?
  • Do I tell my doctor any mental functioning problems I have – like memory, focus, or concentration?
  • Do I have any trouble with personal care (bathing, dressing, go to bathroom, feeding myself, brushing my teeth)? If yes, do I tell my doctor this?
  • Have I read my records to see if my doctor has written about these things? If these things are not mentioned in my records, have I asked if she can include a some information on functioning?
  • Do I tell my doctor all my side effects from meds? Do I describe how side effects affect my functioning?


  • If unable to work: Do share with my doctor the reasons why I am unable to work?
  • Do I think I am unable to work even part-time sedentary work?
  • If working now: Do I think I am unable to work full time?
  • Does my doctor agree with me about working?
  • Do I explain the medical reasons I cannot work? (Hint: If your reasons are no child care, or no transportation, or a bad boss, or no one will hire you…. you will not qualify for disability for those reasons. These are not medical reasons.)


  • Does anyone help me dress, eat, bathe, or go to the bathroom? Do I tell my doctor this? Is it in my records?
  • Do I need assisting devices (shower chair, cane, walker, wheelchair, etc)? If yes, have I asked my doctor for prescriptions for these things? Have I sent copies of these prescriptions to SSA or checked to see if they are recorded in my records?


  • Do I tell my doctor how severe or disabling my symptoms are?
  • Do I try to tell my doc about this at every visit?
  • Do I repeat myself? Even if I said it last visit, do I say it again?
  • Do I say the same thing to my doctor that I say to social security?


  • Do I go to all or nearly all my appointments?
  • Do I follow my doctor’s treatment recommendations? If not, do I have a good reason and tell my doctor this? (i.e. can’t afford it, or too many side effects)


  • Have I talked to my doctor about my disability claim?
  • Does my doctor believe I am disabled and unable to work?
  • Has my doctor agreed to complete an rfc form for me?
  • Have I read my medical records from this doc? Am I sure I got complete records with treatment notes?
  • Do I feel my records are accurate?

Add it all up

Don’t forget to give yourself ten points for question #1

25+ points – SUPER!! You are have excellent doctor’s appointments.

20-25 points – Well done. You have a lot of strengths in your doc appointments. Keep at it! And follow these tips for How to Have Great Visits That Create Great Records

15-20 points – Mid range. There are many good things going on in your doc appointments, plus a few new things you may decide to add in to make them even better.How to Have Great Visits That Create Great Records

0-15 – I’m glad you are here. Although your doctor’s appointments may not be everything you want right now… that can change! Taking this quiz and taking the time to learn about disability is going to help you so much in the future. How to Have Great Visits That Create Great Records


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