How to Wait for an Answer (Short Form CDR)

Most Short Form CDRs are approved in the end. The best way to wait is to relax and take care of yourself. Many people get super stressed while waiting. Here’s what you can expect:

How to Complete the Form

If you have not sent back your Short Form CDR yet, read: How to Complete the Short Form CDR

How Long for a Decision

If everything goes perfectly, and the computer just immediately approves you… it’s still going to take about three months. If you included remarks or attachments it’s going to take about six months. Be patient.

Don’t worry if it is taking a while, it doesn’t mean anything. If a lot of time passes, you can call and ask for an update (one time they approved me and never sent me a letter telling me).

Remember, you are not just waiting to find out if they are going to send you a long form. They cannot cut anyone off based on the short form.

How Do I Know if I am Approved

If your review is approved, they will send you a bewildering letter that says: “We sent you a letter telling you we were going to review your case, however we do not need to review your case at this time.”

This means: “You are approved, but we don’t know how to write in clear English.”

The Evil 5% Rule

90% your short forms are easily approved

5% are selected for more review

5% of the time, even if you did everything perfectly, your file will be randomly selected and they will send you a long form review to fill out. Don’t worry if this happens to you randomly. It does not mean anything about your case.

Be Prepared

You may not be sent a long form review, but there is a chance you will be. Here are the steps you can take to be prepared for a continuing disability review.

If You Are Not Approved

Remember, you can NOT be denied from a short form. You can only get approved, or get sent a long form.

After completing the long form, then you will get a final answer.

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