How To Figure Out Where Your Application is & What in the *@!# is Going On


While you sit at home waiting and wondering, your Social Security disability application goes on an exciting journey across the state.

There is no way to ever know for sure how long your application will stop at each place or when it will ever come back home to you. But here are a few ideas to help you figure things out:

💥 The Social Security website recently introduced a new tracking feature. If you have an online account, your application may now send you rare, brief, cryptic messages about where it is hanging out and what it is doing.

💥 Here’s a typical timeline of a typical application and everything that happens along the way. This timeline may clear up quite a few mysteries for you.

💥 Many disability lawyers suggest that it is a good idea to contact Social Security every few months to check the status of your application. While you are doing this, it is a great idea to also find out if there is anything missing from your Social Security file.

💥 When you call about your application, it is always best to talk to the person or office who is actually handling your application. That person will change as your application bounces from place to place. Unless your question is very simple, it’s better not to seek answers from the people who answer the phones at the 800 number. They will talk to you, but they will say weird, random and funny things.  If you do not know where your application is or who is handling it, you can call Social Security and ask for the contact information.

💥 If you get blocked, bewildered, discouraged, or run into an unanswerable question, here are some ideas for How to Escape the Information Black Hole

💥 Sometimes the best thing you can do is just ignore what Social Security is telling you and find out the answer yourself: How Sage Got Approved by Ignoring Everything He Was Told

💥 If your application gets lost, gets stuck, or falls into an abyss, you can contact your Congressperson for help. They may be able to help you figure out what happened and how to get things moving again.

💥 Remember those online cryptic messages I mentioned above? You can find out what they mean, plus a whole bunch of other great things you can do while waiting: How to Wait for a Decision & How to Get a Decision

Updated April 2017 by Lily Silver. Please comment below with stories, questions, input or ideas. Please let me know if any links on this page stop working. 💥

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