How to Tell What is (and isn’t) in Your Social Security File


Missing records are shockingly common in Social Security cases.

Surprisingly, having a lawyer does not seem to solve this problem. I’ve met many people who discovered they had missing records, and most of these people had lawyers.

Records can go missing for all kinds of reasons: doctors never sent them, lawyers never sent them, no one ever requested them, the Social Security file clerk got them but didn’t put them in your file, your records went into a different person’s file, a different person’s records went into your file, your records are there but they are not recent, the second half of an important report is missing, and so on and so forth.

I have also met many people who thought they had their full records and it turns out they didn’t! The records you see online on a patient portal are not your full records. The paper they hand you after an office visit is not your full records. You want your complete records.

Many people don’t realize they had missing records until after they get denied. Luckily, that won’t happen to you:

All about your Social Security file

πŸ“ How to Start Your File – Before You Apply

πŸ“ How to Check Your File – New Applications

πŸ“ How to Check Your File – Reconsiderations

πŸ“ How to Check Your File – Appeals


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