How to Tell if You’ve Met the Doc of Your Dreams

Some say these kinds of doctor’s don’t actually exist. They are just myth and legend. Yet others claim to actually have doctors like this.

He’s accomplished

He’s got all the right letters after his name and Social Security thinks he’s that dreamy kind of doctor they call an acceptable medical source.

You have been seeing him frequently and ongoingly

Conveniently, Social Security does not tell you tell you what they mean by “frequently and ongoingly”. Some people suggest every 1-3 months while applying. See note below *

He knows just what to say

He says great things to you like, “I support your application,” “I am willing to fill out an rfc function form” and “In my medical opinion, you cannot work.”

He knows just what to write

He understands how sick you are and writes in your records words like “severe” and “debilitating.” And he writes about functioning! Ahhhhh… functioning.

He’s got special abilities

He is a specialist in your condition, or he refers you to a specialist for extra testing and assessments.

You can depend on him.

His records are consistent. He doesn’t say you have “severe symptoms” one time, and then “mild symptoms” the next. He’s steady all the way. This is especially important for rfc function forms. The things he writes in your rfc form are the same things he writes about all the time.

He’s understanding

He understands how Social Security disability applications work and how to get you approved.

Ha, ha! Just kidding about that last one.

Even the best doctor in the world won’t know most Social Security policies. Don’t worry. That’s where you come in. Just keep reading here. As long as one of you knows this stuff… good enough!

Your doctor does not have to be McDreamy, but if he has most of the qualities on this list, he’s got it going on.

Now that you’ve found THE ONE, don’t forget to ask him his relocation and retirement plans. You may have to find THE NEXT ONE someday.

* Note: The regs are changing. If you first filed after March 27, 2017, the length of treatment with your doctor will be less important. The consistency in your doctors records will be more important.

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