How Do I Talk With My Doctor About My Social Security Disability Application?

Talking to your doctor about your Social Security disability application is one of the best things you can do to help improve your chances.

πŸ„Β  Get Ready

A few things you can do before you talk to your doc

πŸ„ Decide if You are Disabled

When you apply for disability you are going to have to answer a lot of questions and your answers will be very important.Β If you believe you are disabled your answers will be different than if you believe you are not disabled.

πŸ„ Let Your Doctor Know What is True For You

Most doctors are nice people. They don’t want to say to someone β€œYou’re totally disabled! And you will never work again!!” Because then their patients will cry. You can make things easier for your doc here. Tell you doctor what is true for you.

πŸ„ Be brave!

Many people feel shy or nervous about being upfront with their doctor about their condition and their disability application.

πŸ„ Talk About Your Limitations

Talk your doctor and let them know: Are you having any problems with sitting, standing, walking, moving, dressing, bathing or eating? Does your illness or medications give you difficulties with thinking, remembering or concentrating?

πŸ„ Explain Why You Are Unable to Work

How to Answer the Question: β€œWhy Can’t You Work?”

πŸ„ If You Are Working Now

You can tell your doctor the Social Security definition of disability: Unable to maintain work earning more than $1,170 per month. Talk with your doctor about how you meet this definition.

πŸ„ Ask Your Doctor’s Opinion

“Doctor, do you agree with my decision to apply for disability?”

πŸ„ Reassure Your Doctor

Let them know that you will not bring them a lot of paperwork or expect their help forever. You would just like to set up a few extra appointments over the next year or so while you are applying and maybe have one form or one letter you’d like help with.

πŸ„ Thank You, Doctor

“Thank you, Doctor! I am so lucky to have a doctor like you. I promise not to be a lot of extra work or paperwork.”

πŸ„ Trouble Shooting

If your doctor does not support your application, this is not really bad news… it is good news because they told you! It is excellent to find this out now while there is still time to make a difference. Please read Dandelion’s extremely helpful story: Dandelion Switches Doctors

πŸ„ All Done?

How did it go? Did your doctor support your application a little, a lot or not at all? No matter what happened, You have some options for next steps.

Updated April 2017Β πŸ„


3 thoughts on “How Do I Talk With My Doctor About My Social Security Disability Application?”

  1. I have a hearing this week but after having a PA for 2 years she told me she wasnt in my shoes and she thinks we should all try our hardest. The same office refused an MRI on my neck after 14yrs neck pain and 4yrs post a serious fall resulting in a TBI and lower back injury also yet they refused to check my neck as if this wasnt all real. I fired them the next week. I will be reporting them and every other doctor in the last 8 years that neglected proper care because I look ok and my illnesses are invisible. It wasn’t easy to ask these questions but that one office alone was putting in inccorect dx, offering surgery wo an MRI, and not fully treating my issues. We deserve better than half a$$ care! Thank you for this article!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lisa,

      I am very glad you are standing up for yourself. You are not alone, many people go through this with their docs.

      I hope your hearing goes great!! πŸ’™ πŸ’œ πŸ’– Lily


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