13 Places to Find Landlords Who Accept Housing Vouchers

🌸 Ask your housing worker and check the Housing Authority website. Sometimes Housing Authorities will have a list of landlords.

🌸 Online sites: Craigslist, Gosection8.com, Zillow, Trulia, Socialserve.com and Zumper

🌸 AffordableHousingOnline – Great site with a lot of options. Some buildings have their own funding so cannot accept vouchers, but many will accept them. Be sure to type in every zip code you can look in. Each zip code may give you a different list.

🌸 Search on Facebook marketplace

🌸 Invitation Homes is a private property management company. Some (but not all) of their properties accept vouchers. They purchase foreclosed houses, so quality varies, but some readers report positive experiences. Properties in: Atlanta Carolinas Chicago Dallas Denver Houston Jacksonville Las Vegas Minneapolis Northern California Orlando Phoenix South Florida Southern California Seattle Tampa

🌸 Readers report that Mainstream Renewal accepts vouchers in multiple states.  Tip: Don’t be scared off by their qualifications page. Income qualifications are different if you have a voucher.

🌸 Search online to see if your area has an association of realtors. Check the website to see if realtors list rentals there.

🌸 Check the HUD map. Warning: Some buildings on this map already have their own HUD funding, so they can’t accept vouchers. Call and ask.

🌸 Local newspapers and community bulletin boards (churches, health food stores, etc)

🌸 Search for Facebook groups. Type in the name of your city or county and the word “rental.”

Tips for Searching

🌸Everything you need to know while looking for a landlord (Housing vouchers)

🌸 HUD and Section 8 for People with Disabilities (and family members (Facebook group )

🌸 Way more than you ever wanted to know about vouchers: The Sleepy Girl Affordable Housing Survival Guide

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